If there is one thing hipsters like doing above and beyond destroying property, it's documenting themselves destroying property. Saturday night's hipster wrath party, documented in these pages yesterday, provided the perfect opportunity to preserve the partyer's youthful exuberance on tape for a later date.

It's a smart thing. This way, years later, when they're watching SpikeTV with their kids in the den, the little tyke will uncover some tapes of daddy smashing a toilet in a Chinatown building. Little Sage Thomas will say, "Hey Pop, when were you THAAAAAT crazy?" Pa will reply, "On the night of Saturday April 14th, 2007. A bunch of my bros—you know Uncle Phil, Uncle Neckface and Uncle Reggie Watts—decided it would be a good idea to go apeshit on a to-be-demolished building. So we smashed the toilet. But then I was like, 'Shit, I gotta pee! And then I peed in on the kitchen." "Can I pee in the kitchen, Papa?" asks ST, his eyes as wide as saucers. "Sure," says Pa, chuckling, his indie cred restored in the eyes of his eight-year-old, who then could be found peeing on the Le Creuset.

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