Hey, you're probably wondering right now about what's going on at the London Book Fair! Psych. But there is a hot topic over at that trade show: Namely, who are the anonymous agent and "internationally bestselling" author behind a pair of romans a clef entitled Ego and Greed that agent Ali Gunn, who's repping them, says are to the media world "what Primary Colors was to Capitol Hill." She also called Ego "Heart to Heart meets The Devil Wears Prada." Make it stop! But least one editor who's read the 30,000 word submission, which Gunn says she's guarding closely and only showing to a "select group of hand-picked editors," has way less glowing things to say about the book.

"Everyone is having great fun trying to pick out who the characters are modeled after and who the writer is. Beyond that, there is absolutely nothing to care about except to wonder idly how an internationally bestselling writer and a well-known agent could have put together such a resoundingly flagrant piece of utter crap without realizing (or maybe just without caring) how crappy it actually is. Also, the sex scenes are really really terrible," this insider tells us.

So, uh, who is who? "I suspect that one of the agent characters is modeled on Nicole Aragi and there are a couple characters who none of us can quite settle on but Gary Fisketjon and Morgan Entrekin have come up. Some might also be UK agents/editors. I would easily buy the theory that Elizabeth Sheinkman is the author." Oh, and Gunn has offered to buy dinner at the Ivy for anyone correctly guessing the authors! Everybody totally put on your sleuthing caps.

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