Isaiah Wilner, the twentysomething Yalie who published a book about the "media scandals" surrounding Time's founders last year, may be kicking up a bit of a scandal of his own. According to a recent Page Six item, Wilner's working on an article about hot-topic social gal Olivia Palermo for New York magazine. Per Page Six, Olivia fears that she might end up regretting having spoken to Wilner without her new publicist Kelly Cutrone present. But judging from Palermo's brief but storied history of mindfuckery, that item might be a ruse—the same kind of attempt to drum up sympathy as that famous groveling letter to her fellow socialites.

While Palermo has denied sending the note, insiders claim that she sent it specifically to SR as part of her diabolical bid for notoriety at any cost. This is some Edith Wharton novel on crystal meth shit, and Wilner's piece should constitute the oddest chapter yet.

For starters, we hear that some of the socialites who declined to be interviewed were told that, if they didn't go on the record, they wouldn't like what the article said. We also were told that at least two more of Isaiah's sources "didn't know they were being interviewed" and are now awaiting the article's publication with some trepidation. But if the payoff is a juicy scoop about, say, who's behind Socialite Rank or something, well... absolutely any ends justify the means, right?

[Isaiah Wilner]
[PHOTO: Carrie Elston]