Hey, remember when the owner of the Washington Bullets changed the team's name to the Washington Wizards? Because he suddenly realized that bullets kill and violence is bad? Given the events earlier in the week, we've come to a somewhat similar realization. (We're still arguing about it, actually. Too soon v. sensitivity v. being a jerk v. English use v. being in favor of some kinds of violence but not others, etc.) Anyway! Hence our fancy new name for commenter bans. (If it worked for America's corporations, it works for us!) Much like the transformation of Viacom employees into permalancers, no lay-off is necessarily permanent here. Still, time to turn in your final TPS reports and say your goodbyes below.

Were we so inclined, we could have chosen all of this week's banished commenters from the Name That Kreepie Kat post: There were that many stupid suggestions. Still, the idea of sorting through that list one more time was too painful, so instead we just gathered a small group of chronic annoyances from other posts. They are:

Made Redundant: shines19
Crime: Failure to appreciate Intern Stepanie's rack.

Made Redundant: Awesomist IV
Crime: Bragging about getting Alyssa Shelasky's digits.

Made Redundant: JupiterPluvius
Crime: Missing the point.

Made Redundant: citizen_shame
Crime: Refusing to accept that we whore for cookies.

Redundancies are just that: An HR-approved way to get rid of you while deflecting all blame and making you feel doubly victimized. It's not you—it's just that we don't need you any more. Y'all may check the Gawker Comments FAQ. It is also true that banned commenters may return through our invitation. The best way to receive such is to send us cookies (peanut butter, please, and not personalized) or charming and juicy gossip-filled emails.