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Since yesterday's first wave of mainstream media stories attempting to unravel the mysteries of Will Ferrell viral video sensation The Landlord (e.g., "Who is that totally adorable, hilariously inebriated tyke? She's a star!" and "What combination of shadowy vanity production company and venture capital firm is behind this situation?"), the clip has surged from 2.5 million to nearly 5 million views on the new video sharing site alone. The ensuing onslaught of media requests seems to be keeping Ferrell cohort Adam McKay busy, who offered People an exclusive interview with The Landlord's Pearl The Drunken, Swearing, Rageoholic Baby:

How old are you, Pearl? I 2 years old. But when I wear my Dora shirt I look one-and-a-half.

What are some of your favorite things to do when you not hassling people for the rent? I like to put my hands in the fountain. I watch Wonderpets. I like to buy old houses and flip them for a profit so I can buy boxes of Gallo wine.

Are you always so angry?
Will Ferrell no pay rent. I want my money. That's why I mad.

The short's staggering popularity should accelerate the arrival of the inevitable backlash, ranging from accusations of selling out after the coming announcement of Pearl's attachment to a Universal comedy in which she'll play the world's youngest, angriest, most crapulent postal carrier (her commanding presence on that doorstep did not go unnoticed), to reactionary pieces in the media decrying the actions of misguided parents who are spiking their babies' formula with grain alcohol, videotaping the results, and posting them to YouTube, hoping their own offspring can mimic the breakout star's meteoric success.