Media Bubble: How's Your News, MySpace?

  • Tradey mag-man Keith Fox will be the president of your Business Week. Headshots with suspicious head cropping always make us wonder how bald a fella is. That's okay. [Ad Age]
  • The MySpacers will sort and rank news on-site, like little squirrels put to labor in a very goth cage. [LAT]
  • Lisa Rinna (ol' Big Lips from Melrose Place!) to somehow replace Joan and Melissa on red carpets for TV Guide. Insane. [NYDN]
  • We desperately wanna agree with the argument that a Pulitzer at the Globe for national matters swiftly defeats the annoying, gross, anti-newspapery claim that newspapers should focus local and never go beyond their counties. But a Pulitzer isn't actually an indicator of good circ or good business practice. [Phoenix]