Yesterday, Glamour's "Slaves to Fashion" blogger Ashley Baker posted a response to her colleague Suze Yalof Schwartz's musings about onetime Glamour intern turned fashion blogger Julie Fredrickson. Today you can still see it in Google reader, but it's no longer on the site. Has Ashley been silenced? Maybe a peek at Suze's latest blog post will shed some light. "Big Gap Attack! Thank G-d it wasn't a Big Mac Attack! I am almost at my bikini weight. Here, my tally of yesterday's purchases... Don't tell my husband, hehehe!" Um, so... no.

Update: Ashley Baker wasn't censored! She censored her own self.

"I found the entire debacle a bit (a bit? OK, a lot) ridiculous and weighed in on my blog (usually a rather light one, I might add) for a hot minute but then, realizing the publicity surrounding it all, opted to remove myself from the, um, debate." Well, that worked.

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