AdAge has a super-servicey piece today about how to tell if you should find another job. The piece offers five indicators that may mean it's time to move on. I've been feeling a little bit of workplace dissatisfaction lately, but assumed it was just weather-related. I decided to do a little self-assessment based on the AdAge metrics. The results were disturbing.

You dread getting out of bed in the morning.
Hmm, groggily dragging my hungover ass off the bare mattress at in the predawn light with the sole hope that Alessandra Stanley fucked something up so egregiously that I can get an item out of it? Yes. Yes, I dread getting out of bed in the morning.

Your work relationships and performance are beginning to suffer.
Here's a conversation I had with Emily yesterday:
Emily: I think I might do something on Moby moving uptown, is that okay?
Me: Sure, take it. Take everything good out there today, you miserable bitch! You are ruining Gawker for me! I hate you!
Emily: I think I'll work from home tomorrow.
As for performance, I turned in four posts yesterday, and this was the best one. So, uh, check on both.

You become "someone else" at work.
If you saw me on a weekend, strolling through town with my eyes wide an the big, goofy smile that indicates my love for this city and all of its inhabitants, you would be shocked. "Is that the Gawker guy helping an elderly woman across the street while simultaneously dropping a dollar into a homeless person's cup?" you'd ask yourself. But at work? I do become "someone else." Someone who wants to kill Choire Sicha.

The position doesn't make use of your talents.
This one is actually more the fault of my "talents" [Ed. Note: Assume you mean lack of? Or that capacity for alcohol isn't usually a requirement of a place of employment?] than the position.

You spend most of your time engaged in bitch sessions.
Here's a conversation I had with Josh yesterday.
Me: Seriously, I fucking hate her. I am so sick of her, with her clever posts and witty remarks. She's making me look bad. I cannot fucking stand it anymore.
Josh: Please stop poking me.

Alright, so four out of five. What should I do about it, AdAge?

When we feel unhappy or unsatisfied about things, usually it means that there's something out there that could be better suited for us. Where do you want to go next?

I dunno, is Sploid still around? Could be a good fit!

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