When last we encountered superproducer Brian Grazer. he was at the center of a media maelstrom resulting from his selfless desire to unscrew the top of his singularly coiffed head and share with the world an unobstructed view of the constantly churning works within through an ill-fated guest-editing stint on the LA Times Sunday Current section, but today's Var brings news that Grazer has quickly shaken off the scandal and gotten back to what he does best: finding material for Imagine Entertainment partner Ron Howard to chew up and regurgitate into a form easily digestible by the moviegoing masses. The just-announced project is a remake of 1970's Colossus: The Forbin Project, the tale of the government supercomputer controlling America's nuclear arsenal achieving malevolent sentience and plunging the world into chaos (think Wargames meets, um, Wargames), which Grazer plans to reimagine as a somewhat more personal narrative: His Colossus: The Spring Street Project will be the story of a revenge-obsessed Hollywood producer's cybernetically enhanced brain hacking into the mainframe of a major metropolitan newspaper and erasing its entire archives as payback for its refusal to publish some essays he solicited from some intellectual friends.