Carrie Gross is everything that's wrong with women in New York. She's materialistic, status- and wedding-obsessed, and of course, she's got a blog where she writes like a brain-damaged Carrie Bradshaw ("in my naivety") about her upcoming nuptials, knockoff designer handbags, man-purses, and other topics that made the SaTC writer's room groan "Nah, that's so played out!" six years ago. The Times Real Estate section did a thing back in September about her search for a $6,000/month rental that would accommodate the obnoxiously large dog that she and her fiance treat like a child. "What we want to purchase in a couple of years is not what we want to purchase now," she explained to Joyce Cohen, regarding her decision to rent and not buy. "The suburbs will be an option, or buying something much bigger."

We mention this because, apropos of nothing, we got two emails today directing us to Carrie's blog, both pointing out how stupid it is. Seems like somebody wants some attention. Well, congratulations, Carrie: your plan worked. Please send us a cut of the book deal cash.