Google's branding dilemma Google's branding dilemma One could debate, in the light of the elimination of Froogle, the name for Google's product search, whether Mountain View knows marketing. Business 2.0 thinks the search engine in desperate need of "old-fashioned marketing savvy ." Valleywag's official position: Google's main brand is a household name, without any traditional advertising campaign; and the site's uncluttered front page, however ugly, is so much more functional than the high-concept designs beloved of traditional media companies. So the last thing the company needs is a new marketing guru, with accompanying brand consultants. Owen Thomas, Business 2.0's resident wag, has a good suggestion for resolving Google's dilemma: "I suppose a truly Googly approach to brand marketing would be to launch the same product under two different names and troll the logs to see which one does better."