Media Bubble: Well, That First Quarter Sucked

  • First quarter recap: Bad news for Tribune, NYT, Gannett. Google, however, did pretty well! [MediaPost]
  • Jews plotzing needlessly about Andrea Elliott's Pulitzer. Thank God Seth Lipsky and the Sun are here to speak for this voiceless, powerless minority. [NYS]
  • Howard Milstein—C.E.O. of Emigrant Bancorp and Sulzberger ally—picked up six million shares of the New York Times Company. Too bad he didn't wait until today! He could have saved some serious cash. [Portfolio]
  • People, In Touch bring their journalistic prowess to bear on the Virginia Tech story. [NYP]
  • Publishing tycoon Duane Hagadone—he owns most of the papers in Idaho and Wyoming!—is building some big ugly house in L.A. and the neighbors are pissed. Ha. Stupid L.A. [LAT]