Today's Times has a story on the reaction to New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine's recent injuries. Apparently, Garden Staters are concerned for their governor, but also resentful because he wasn't wearing a seatbelt. How are the palpably angry Jerseyans feeling besides angry?

"It seems irresponsible to me," said Morgan McNeish, an office manager who said she had turned the accident into a cautionary lesson about car safety for her 7-year-old son. She said she worried that progress on social and legal issues might stall in the political void left by Mr. Corzine's hospitalization. "It's worrisome," Ms. McNeish added, "that the person you elected isn't able to perform the duties of office, and for something as stupid as not wearing a seat belt."

Understandable. Perceptive, even. If only the next sentence didn't start out, "In a busy parking lot down the street from where Ms. McNeish was taking a smoke break..." In Wishing Corzine Well, Sympathy Is Mixed With Resentment [NYT] [Image via]