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Each week, a handful of reader comments are selected for inclusion and veneration in the Gold Star Motel. Standards of excellence are arbitrary, fluid, and contradictory. The reward is strictly honorary (at best). This week:

Re: Is Carrie Gross The Absolute Worst Of The Scary Sadshaw Lady Bloggers?

  • IBentMyWookie:
    "What's wrong with treating your dog like a child, you Cat Fancy-subscribing bastards?"

Re: Dilation and NEGstraction: Partial Jokes

  • CrazeeEyezKillah : "Here's a joke you forgot:
    Having squandered his meager talents on a final, fuck-you of an editor's letter in the popular fitness publication he once oversaw, a magazine editor is at his wit's end, when Satan appears.
    "Greg," Satan says to the editor,"if you give me your soul, I'll let you continue to crack jokes about midgets and abortions in British spank mags, on right-wing propaganda networks, and in lots of other venues popular only with narcissists and psychopaths."
    "But Satan," asks the editor, "can I still have a career?"
    Satan replies, "Partially."
  • Re: Kitty Carlisle Hart, Dead At 96
  • Gay Gayerson: "She was also listed in the Manhattan phone book (as Mrs. Moss Hart), and when you called her up, it was her voice on the machine sounding EXACTLY like you'd expect Kitty Carlisle Hart's outgoing message to sound. (Not that, um, I ever called.)"
  • Re: Be A (Disney) Princess On Your Special Day
  • Steverino:
    "The thought of a Disney-themed wedding makes me want to poke out my eyes with a dingelhopper."
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