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PrivacyWatch celebrity sightings are submitted by our readers, and are posted several times a week, so send them in often. Who knows? They may give you the upper hand in your ugly, ongoing custody battle. Submit yours to tips[AT] (please put "sighting" or "PrivacyWatch" in the subject line) and tell everyone about the morning you spotted John Mayer waiting on the steak to cook at Mastro's.

In today's episode: Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli; Bruce Willis; Danny DeVito; Natalie Portman; Giovanni Ribisi, Kelly Osbourne, and Danny Masterson; John Mayer; Chris Parnell; James Van Der Beek; Jeff Probst; Natasha Henstridge and Paul Guilfoyle; Lewis Black; Mitch Rouse; Bill Brochtrup; and Bradley Baumkirchner.

· Wednesday, April 18th, 10:45 am, West Hollywood Target: Leonardo DiCaprio and his Israeli model girlfriend Bar Refaeli. He was wearing sunglasses indoors, but he was both taller and thinner than you'd expect. The Orthodox ladies stocking up on Pampers paid him no mind.

· Yesterday (April 16), I spotted Bruce Willis outside of the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills. He was on his cell phone and appeared to be asking the bellman where his car was. He was wearing a gray sweater with jeans (folded at the bottom) and hiking boots. Having never been a Die Hard fan, I can honestly say that he definitely has an "everyman" rugged feel to him that's appealing.

Also, I'm not sure if there's a statue of limitations on when we can send in sightings, but I spotted Danny DeVito at LAX on March 23. I was waiting to catch a redeye to NYC and he came off of the plane I was going to board. He's exactly like you would picture him — short, round and friendly.

· I had a dry spell for a while (although I kept seeing mike tyson at crunch but someone else already wrote that in), but last night (4-19) I had a good one: natalie portman at cat 'n' fiddle. she's gorgeous, natch. perfect skin. very low key with a couple of guys I didn't recognize. they came in around 11, sat next to us but moved when they realized the heater was broken and took up a corner table on the patio. I think she was wearing some kind of fleece to keep warm. last night was cooooold.

· Doin' the art scene @ Bergamont last night (4/19), Robert Berman Gallery for Alex Prager's photo show... Saw Giovanni Ribisi (with an exceptionally hot brunette woman), Kelly Osbourne (who left early, exhibiting a rather sulky walk to the car), and Danny Masterson, who's lookin' svelte without those huge chops on the side of his face.

· John Mayer at Mastro's, and maybe even Jessica, too, on Friday night. (But not sure about the Miss Simpson part.)

While enjoying a lazy Saturday we saw Chris Parnell shopping at the Mayfair on Franklin in the late afternoon.

· Last nite (4/19) was having dinner w/a friend at Max in Sherman Oaks. James Van Der Beek walks in with skinny brunette and joins another couple already seated. He sits w/his back to the crowd. No one really noticed except our waiter who went over and shook his hand later on in the evening. My friend and I noticed he was wearing a wedding ring (?) and when my friend commented the next table over heard and thought it was funny, too! JVB's date had to send her dinner back (soooo LA..........) and they were drinking pink drinks (Cosmo's?) How exciting my first tip to you guys!!!!

· Saw Survivor host Jeff Probst and a "guy" pal shopping at the Petco on Sepulveda Blvd in Van Nuys on Sunday 4/15...They appeared very happy together... ;) Both dressed down in shorts and sandals. I must admit, Jeff looks better on's a little pasty looking without the pancake.

· Upon moving from the westside to the valley (difference between owning a house with a pool vs a 70's apartment and sharing a pool with the cable guy) I expected my sightings to diminish. Not so, being a new homeowner I spend all my free time at hardware stores (seriously they are like crack to a new homeowner, I feel like Steve Martin in the jerk...I don't need anything, well except maybe this, and this and oh I definitely need this) and who do I see at the Osh but still milf-like hot Natasha Henstridge. Before said trip had some darn good chorizo and eggs at Sollys on Van Nuys (cept they don't have Cholula..WTF) who do I see heading straight for me like he wants me for questioning and looking, well, cop-like...Lt Brass from CSI (I never say CSI Vegas because the other poser city shows suck) Paul Guilfoyle.

· Well-known recently Grammy winning stand-up comedian and host of The Daily Show's "Back in Black," Lewis Black at The Abbey (4-17) in West Hollywood . He was with two hot girls and a quiet, soft-spoken gay-ish guy. Surprised to see him there. He was on like his fourth glass of red wine.

· Mitch Rouse from "According to Jim" was in Jerry's Famous Deli on Ventura in Studio City yesterday (4-16). He was getting take out and waiting at the very front counter.

· Sunday 4/15, Bill Brochtrup at Cheebos on Sunset having brunch with another handsome, preppy looking guy. Taller than I expected and looking more worked-out than in his "NYPD Blue" years. I'd date him in a heartbeat.

· Wednesday April 18th, saw a cleanshaven Bradley Baumkirchner at Low End Theory night at The Airliner (charming bar that smells like vomit, but outside patio is nice) listening to the DJ stylings of Dntel amongst others. He was talking to a cute manorexic dressed in black. I couldn't tell what BB was wearing apart from loose dark colored t-shirt.