Glaring Omissions reproduces tips received from readers in the last week that weren't covered on Gawker, either by accident (it happens!) or by design (it happens more often).

  • "I got my copy of Wired in the mail today and I thought, Wow, poor timing ... I don't want it to seem like I'm saying all Asians look alike, because they most certainly do not, but I thought the imagery was pretty striking in light of recent events."
  • "first off, this isn't really a tip. more of a question. sorry. second, you may have already covered this and i just missed it. but: why no coverage/commentary of the update of the new yorker website? on first impression, i'm pretty pleased."
  • "Could you let me know where I can contact Leslie Bennetts, author of The Feminine Mistake. We would like to ask her to do a speaking engagement at our parish. Could you forward this email to her of call me. My phone number is 847-xxx-xxxx or email me. Thanks so much."
  • "Ombudsman: Be so very careful, lest you be executed as I was for showing a modicum of feeling towards Anna Nicole loss of child! Those at Gawker are cruel heartless souls with ice water in their veins!!!! Still enjoy reading Gawker though, but I often wonder why!"
  • "Look, I am stuck in the life of Jennifer Aniston.....I am trapped like a caged animal and cant escape..I have been in her life for four years and i cant escape without police presence. She is very angry with me and only appears to look at me or to see if i can try to make out with her,, and i am in alot of trouble! I have to get out of here. I am very rich and she took all the money and wont let me live anywhere but to ameeting spot to where she shows up eventually. I am recognized everywhere I turn and cant escape it. I ve become a celebrity and I cant escape the harrassment from her. Her appearances are by far without taste and a far cry form her appearance at the acadamy awards. I am not ready to deal with this sort of homelesseness. i am supposed to be wealthy and am a good writer and have a good reputation save my relationship with Ms. Aniston."
  • "In a television review in today's New York Times, critic (apparently fresh from TV Guide) Susan Stewert writes about one more silly wolves/humans show,"Kiss and Howl: This Man Is a Wolf's Best Friend. In the penultimate paragraph she says "It's a bittersweet moment that will strike a nerve in anyone who has ever had the bad judgment to give birth to children." Say what? Send a copy to her mother, I guess. Regardless of what one thinks of kids, it's still a so-called national newspaper; this kind of posturing is like picking your nose in public because you can get away with it. Of course, when the Times began its process of adding "buzz" to the reporting, Arts was where they started. Maybe soon we'll see stuff like "fuck shit and piss" in a Broadway review."
  • "Danille Thur of Whisper PR has been blowing up bathrooms all over Manhattan for the past 2 weeks."
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