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Can we officially declare the end of the podcasting boom? Sure, internet users will continue to subscribe to audio files, the experience will become ever more like interactive radio, and existing broadcasters will supply their programs in chunks — just like the visionaries predicted. But the main beneficiary will be Apple, which dominates podcasting with iTunes, and the window for new intermediaries, between broadcasters and their audience, is fading. Most notably, Evan Williams, a man who vouched his internet instincts by inventing Blogger, is offloading his podcast project, Odeo. Want confirmation that wasn't a blip? Read this account of Loomia's transition, on Om Malik's Found & Read.A sample:

We estimated the market share of various competitors, and it was immediately clear that Apple had grabbed more than 50% of the "podcast finding" business overnight. Ouch... Podcasting hype only made things worse. Literally dozens of "podcast finding" sites popped up over the next few months... We were all just fighting over a small slice of the pie. [David Marks, chief executive of Loomia, writing in Found & Read.]