Perhaps no one was more eager to leave the dinner than David Geffen and Arianna Huffington: Geffen and Huffington bolted super early and were already in his jet before the dinner had ended. One person who approached Arianna to chat as she was leaving the dinner got the cold shoulder. "Darling, I would love to talk, but I'm getting a ride back with David on his plane." (Oh, and Huffington's efforts to hide her black right eye with bangs didn't fool everyone. She earned the bruise recently when she passed out and hit her head on a desk.)

How Mariah! How Whitney! How Lindsay! Seriously, in all our years of late night work, we have never blackened an eye by going face-down on the desk. So we say there must be suspects. A) Violent Canadian blogger Rachel Sklar. B) Backer Ken Lerer, tired of waiting on Huffpo's new "comedy" site, "23/6." C) A new gay motorcycle-riding husband. D) Michael Stipe. That fucker gets vicious.

Yeas and Nays [Washington Examiner]