The Post has such the exclusive scoop! Dina McGreevey totally knew that her almost ex-husband, former NJ governor Jim, liked other dudes even before the citizens of New Jersey learned about it via his famous "gay American" speech. (So apparently she's not a total idiot!) In his memoir The Confession, Jim implied that Dina didn't suspect his gayosity until 2002, when he says she asked him about the nature of his relationship with now-estranged aide Golan Cipel. But the Post's mysterious source maintains that Dina knew even before then: "As far as I know, she never really confronted anyone about it, she just kinda let it slide." [Ed. Note: That's what he said.] But why? We suppose we'll just have to hotly anticipate Dina's memoir—"due out May 1st," the Post helpfully reminds us—even more hotly.

McG's Wife Kept His Secret [NYP]