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A little more than a year ago, two bored assistants with a credit card, a great idea, and a crazy dream that every attractive assistant in town should be assigned a numerical ranking so low that he or she'd begin to question the looks that got him or her a job in the first place, launched Hollywood's Hottest Assistants, a site that momentarily brought the workday output of the call-rolling class to an absolute standstill. In yesterday's LAT, one of's founding troublemakers reminisces about his creation's meteoric rise and fall:

Over the phone that morning, I gossiped about the list of 100 Powerful Women, women I'd never seen before. I didn't need to see them. The list said that looks don't matter, only power.

But because we have little or no actual power, the opposite must be true for assistants. If an agent gets a new assistant, the first thing my boss always wants to know is, "Is she hot?" I looked around our office and saw not a single unattractive assistant, and that's when it hit me: Don't the assistants deserve a list too?

I pulled out my credit card, registered a domain name, and Hottest Hollywood was born.

Why not head back over to the still-functioning, if not quite as vibrant, site, upload a picture of the comely nemesis sitting a few cubes down you're convinced blew her way onto a desk (hey, everyone on your tracking board says so at happy hour!), and punish her with a 2 rating, just for old time's sake? Go do it, right now, before you she raids your MySpace profile for an unflattering photo and does the same thing to you.