Media Bubble: Tragedy Plus Times

  • Did we mention there's a Times shareholder meeting today? Enjoy these prepared remarks from Arthur Sulzberger Jr. and Janet Robinson. [LAT]
  • The tragedy at Virginia Tech. Also, the tragedy of Brangelina! You stay classy, InTouch! [Fishbowl NY]
  • Federal Trade Commission approves initial step of Sam Zell's Tribune purchase. [NYP]
  • Denver Post offers EVSPs (i.e. "Quit or get quit" options) to 37 employees. [Denver Post, via]
  • Do Marie Claire podcasts blur the line between editorial and advertising? Um, probably no more so than the actual magazine does. [WWD]
  • Unsurprisingly, the former Santa Barbara News-Press editor accused of having child pornography on his computer plans to sue his former employers if a retraction isn't printed. [LAT]