Hell Square, epicenter of the blogosphere, recently lost its favorite horrendously shitty diner Loside. Happily in its stead will be Calle Catorce, which can't possibly be worse than its predecessor. The place filed for a full liquor license on April 16th, so it looks like along with the Hat, the Toilet and El Castillo De Jagua, internet losers will have yet another South of the Border place in which to gather with their "One Tequila Two Tequila Three Tequila Floor" t-shirts and Macbook Pros. For now however, such a convivium is only speculative, as, absent an opaque window frosting, nothing much is yet doing. But ! Around the corner, another Mexican place is much closer to being open. As Eat for Victory's Nina Lalli reports, Mole, "A Mexican Bar and Grill," will be arriving in mere days. Two! Trend! Hell Square is all about Mexican now!