Perhaps because they couldn't find enough bars in the East Village with skinny annoying emo kids in them, the lads from Fall Out Boy are planning on opening a bar at 11th and A. The shame about the whole thing is is that whatever satirical details we try to come up with to underscore the lameness of the endeavor have already been enacted by the band themselves. Come up with a lame name? Okay, "Angels and Kings"! How about decorate the place with the most banal and obvious musical icons? "[The bar] will be decorated with mug shots of Sid Vicious and Johnny Cash." Foiled again! Okay, how about this: Name the drinks after song names by the band themselves? "Drink specials may be tied to their song names"? Sadly, yes. The bar is set to open April 30th, and to close July 18. Probably when the bartender overdoses on Ativan in the parking lot of a Best Buy in Chicago and starts talking about himself in the third person. —josh

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