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In today's episode: Quentin Tarantino, Jack Black, Rosario Dawson, Jeremy Piven, Eli Roth, Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost; Morrissey; Christian Bale; Jesse Metcalfe; Justina Machado; Geena Davis; Alicia Keys; Jennifer Love Hewitt; Rebecca Gayheart; Eddie Griffin; Maria Bello; Jamie Kennedy; Johnny Knoxville; Ron Jeremy; Enrique Murciano; Hal Sparks; Tricky and Kate Flannery.

· April 20 - Saw Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost at the Arclight in Hollywood for a Q&A session after a screening of Hot Fuzz. Surprise guest Quentin Tarantino, cocktail in hand, introduced the three. Also in attendance was Eli Roth. Later that evening, Tarantino was spotted leaving a bar near Big Wangs. Spotted him a third time at Citizen Smith on Cahuenga, where he was joined by Rosario Dawson, Jack Black, and the Hot Fuzz boys again. Jeremy Piven was also at Citizen, though he was with a different group of friends.

· Seen: Jack Black and his wife dancing and enjoying themselves in the VIP section of Iggy and the stooges last night (4-22). Morrissey standing right next to them, enjoying the show and looking quite dapper in a suit.

· sighting i jus saw jack black at the arclight cinema in hollywood (4-20) he was really nice, shaking people's hands! he was about 2 get in da elevator

· Friday (4/20): Jesse Metcalfe, his meticulously groomed eyebrows and three other people I didn't recognize having lunch at Cafe Med in the Sunset Plaza. He was drinking water, so maybe that afternoon of rehab really was all he needed?

Saturday (4/21): Justina Machado (Vanessa fr. Six Feet Under) & b.f./husband in line in front of me at Alcove on Hillhurst. I felt like even more of an Amazon than usual standing next to her. She's VERY short.

Sunday (4/22): Christian Bale (in black baseball hat, scruffy moustache & beard) with wife and two others at Cafe Delfini in the Palisades. Apparently having a leisurely meal - they were there when we got there (at 6:45) and there when we left (at 9).

· Saturday 4/21 - Saw Geena Davis at the 8pm showing of "Hot Fuzz" at the ArcLight. She was there was some guy - her husband? They swapped seats with me and my buddy so they could be closer to the rest of their group.

· April 14th, spotted Alicia Keys at the WeHo Wholefoods. She was checking out the water bottles with a hulking guy...friend, trainer, who knows? We made eye contact, she smiled. And looked great!

· Jennifer Love Hewitt hoping to cross over a traffic laden Sunset BLVD (say that 5 times fast) & Fairfax today (4-23) in her black Mini Cooper and flapper looking wig. I think she had just got gas at the Chevron. She looked flustered as we all honked at her attempted unwise foray over and through 6 lanes. Bonus!: Harley Davidson type license plate border of skull & crossbones. She is such a bad ass.

· Saw Rebecca Gayheart picking up her car at the valet stand at The Standard in Hollywood on Wednesday night (4/18). She was with a gal pal and asking the attendant if he thought it was "criminal" that they charged $14 for validated parking for staying less than four hours. She looked great with that crazy curly hair of hers.

· Not sure why, but we spotted Eddie Griffin eating a casual lunch at the Marriott Marina del Rey on Saturday. Our excuse for being there was business but why the heck was he there?

· 4/21 - While enjoying a perfect California day brunching and shopping along Abbott Kinney, I spotted a couple of Venice locals. Jamie Kennedy was noshing with an older man. Jamie had a hood covering his face - he looks a bit older than he'd probably like people to think. Maria Bello, looking perfectly layered in typical Venice casual chic, while shopping in Principessa with an unidentified guy.

· Saturday brunchies at the 101 Café, around noon, Johnny Knoxville, looking extremely hot. Not as good as the time I saw three Lost cast members in a booth, but still pretty good. (So were the chorizo and eggs.)

· I just took a quick walk to Rite Aid (4-22) and was returning home when I spotted the legendary Ron Jeremy gassing up a silver Saturn at Vineland and Ventura. I've met him before, and thought he was a nice guy, so I left him alone rather than yelling something that would embarrass him like "Weren't you in Reindeer Games?" The Saturn caught me a off guard, but seeing as it's Earth Day, I'm happy to report "The Hedgehog" isn't a gashog.

· This is pretty much scraping the bottom of the sightings barrel, but Hal Sparks with Kool-Aid red highlights at Real Food Daily on Friday for dinner, and just now (Monday night), Enrique Murciano (hottie from Without a Trace) wheeling down Fairfax near Canter's in a superb vintage convertible Mercedes.

· Sunday, April 22 @ Urth Cafe: Tricky, all alone... looking lonely and scary at the same time

· I went to ArtWalk at the Brewery Lofts on Sunday and came face to face with Kate Flannery (aka Meredith the boozy redhead on THE OFFICE) poking through the racks at the Black Hearts Brigade sample sale. She made several Meredith-esque "I need a martini!" faces at the pseudo punk rock clothes. She was wearing a matronly green v-neck cardigan sweater and a plaid mini-skirt with opaque black tights. The Go Fug Yourself girls would be very displeased had they been there.-