We have just emerged into the fading afternoon light from PDT, the soon-to-open speakeasy owned and operated by Crif Dogs' Brian Shebairo on St. Mark's Place. Inside—via the secret entrance through Crif Dogs, that grungy basement hot dog hangout, for that low-end high-end feel—we spoke with mixologist and consultant James Meehan, the man responsible for the "beverage program."

The Details
Address: 113 St. Marks St., West Basement
Opening: Approx. May 24th
Occupancy: Not more than 50
Average cocktail price: $11
Stated vibe: "hunter elegance"
Number of taxidermied animals spotted: 3
Ceiling: Same as Death and Co
Booths: Same as Milk and Honey
Number of flatscreen TVs hidden by wood paneling: 1
Approx. dimension of the door through which hot dogs, lobster rolls and fried oysters will be passed: 8"x12"
Number of beers on tap: 4
Chance an "etiquette" guide will be posted for patrons: 100%
Number of women men will be allowed to approach: 0
Number of people allowed in the back yard to smoke, at one time: 2
Number of oversized vaginas Brian wanted to hang on the wall to number allowed by James Meehan: 1:0