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Newly minted Biggest Movie Star in the World Shia LaBeouf realizes the hard work he's got to put in to fulfill the awesome responsibility he's been handed with his high-profile role in the upcoming Fourth Installment of the Indiana Jones Situation; not only must he be sure his acting chops are honed to fine edge in order to earn his screentime with Hollywood icon* Harrison Ford, he must also transform his still-developing body to a level of beefiness comparable to that of his barrel-chested, sexagenarian co-star:

Shia LaBeouf has gained 15 pounds - and he's happy about it. The Disturbia actor is beefing up to star in the new Indiana Jones movie alongside Harrison Ford. "The guy is still in premium shape," LaBeouf tells PEOPLE. "You don't want to be standing next to Harrison Ford and not be jacked also."

To get there, the Los Angeles native, 20, is working out seven days a week for three hours a day. "I'll run for an hour and then I'll do two hours of weights," he says. "I have definitely not trained like this for anything in my life. I'm preparing like I'm going into battle."

LaBeouf has obviously been warned about the hazing ritual Ford inflicts upon all of his wet-behind-the-ears castmates—one that nearly killed Josh Hartnett on the set of Hollywood Homicide—in which the screen legend baits his prey into a mocking appraisal of his prized earring ("Makes me look twenty years younger, right, kid? Come on, you can tell me how ridiculous it is, I don't care.") during a seemingly friendly encounter by the craft services table, and thus properly offended, places the cocky youngster in a headlock enabling a scalp-punishing flurry of noogies, a clench that will only be broken once the immobilized victim pledges to trade a bottle of 30-year-old Scotch for his freedom.

[*We're willing to pretend Firewall never happened if you are. And the one with the terrible Russian accent.]