Gossip Roundup: Spears To Become A Simpson?

  • Though Jessica Simpson's rep denies it, rumors are swirling that her dad Joe wants to svengali up Britney Spears. [R&M]
  • Designer Marc Jacobs' ex-rentboy on and off bf still has notably loose lips, offering up quotes like "Marc has found his way; he's going to be sober for the rest of his life" and bragging about their "like, five fake break-ups." A Jacobs spokesperson says they're not back together. [NYO]
  • Gay, gay wedding bells are ringing for blog queen Andrew Sullivan and an actor named Eric. [NYO]
  • Anderson Cooper keeps his goodies under wraps in the showers at Equinox. [Page Six]
  • Russell Simmons and Tyra Banks "forgot" to pay their lunch tab. [Gatecrasher, 2nd item]