We have to preface this excerpt from the self-penned bio of Meredith Dolgin, who stepped down today as NYU's student council president, by reminding you that Gawker is a safe space for womyn. So don't hate her for being big-boned. Hate her for being a totally pompous ass! Oh, and for perhaps not choosing her words carefully.

(But seriously, people, take your fattie-loathing-that-is-actually-projection-about-your-small-ween elsewhere.)

There's something about this school that makes it shine. It's not the academics. It's not the athletics. It's not the student clubs. We all know plenty of schools that excel in these areas.
And it's easy to say NYU is unique because it's in the city, but if that was so, then NYU would just be a pointless entity in a cool place. Not worth $40,000... right?
So what is it that makes NYU unique?
NYU is a HUGE bowl of opportunity and we all make the choice to either dig in and enjoy... or... well, starve.

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