Because we're so foul-mouthed ourselves, and so accustomed to screaming at children, and also to treating everyone around us like garbage, we were surprised by the force of the anti-Baldwin sentiment still rising in New York. (Well, this is after all the new New York, the one where everyone's kind to tweens, instead of turning them out on the corner like Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver.) Our two most recent stalker sightings, from this afternoon and last night, both take a seriously dim view of the crude-mouthed actor.

Now we seriously wonder for the first time if we'll all look back on this and laugh about a messy divorce and a family drama—or if we'll always be thinking of him as that funny, funny total asshole.

April 24, 10:03 p.m.: Saw Alec Baldwin sitting on a bench outside on the corner of 11th street and Hudson in the west village. he was talking on a cellphone—must not have been talking to his daughter because was very calm and polite.

Apr 25, 2:41 p.m.: Psycho Alec Baldwin at the American Airlines theater right now. How the hell can this man go to the theater, out for fun, when he's losing his kid? Hey, man, rethink your priorities.