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As of tomorrow, the Observer will have a new friendly face around the office (not Ivanka Trump, either, though some say that she's now "exclusive" with owner Jared Kushner). No, the new hire is the relatively unknown Jesse Wegman, who's had one of those overachieving yet peripatetic careers (NPR reporter, creative writing degree, NYU law degree) that should serve him well in his new role. (The old managing editor, Tom McGeveran, who may have held every job at the paper by now, will oversee the website full-time.) But Wegman may have been prepping to be an M.E. for awhile now. He was thisclose to being hired by David Blum at the Village Voice a few months ago, but the hire was "vetoed by New Times execs," according to one. Jared, however, did not seem to find a problem with the young looker. —Doree