Socialite and publicist Annelise Peterson has been selected for a very high honor: She's one of the "notable women"—Tinsley Mortimer is another!—who have been chosen to fly to Turks & Caicos this week to compete in the "Princess Race." It's some kind of charitable deal where the women kayak and snorkel and somehow it prevents child abuse. Today over at Glamour's network of tardblogs, Annelise herself blogs about the meaning of the word "princess."

I start to think about this idea that I am part of an excursion that dons the name "Princess Race." So, that means that I, Annelise Peterson, 5' 11, blonde hair, hazel eyes and 130 lbs will someday marry a strapping young man with the name of Prince Charming, live on 10 acres of land, and ride a white stallion named Hercules (okay, so there is no stallion named Hercules in any Walt Disney production, but if a girl can accessorize, she can also embellish...Wait! What am I talking about? I'm a princess! I can do whatever I want.) But, there are some discrepancies between the lifestyle that I lead and this moniker I have been crowned. I get up EVERY day at 5:30, there are no peas in my mattress, I don't live in a house with 7 dwarves (although that could be rather naughty...)

More please! (Also: Dwarf fetish!)

Annelise Petersen Live From The Princess Race [Glamour]