Ah, springtime in New York City! The time when we all come out of our homes and offices and spend time walking around on the street. Sometimes we run into people we know. Often they're friends from college or former coworkers or people we met in a bar once, but other times, the reason these people look so familiar is because they are famous stars of stage and screen. Here's how to report this latter variety of run-in to us, via email, so that we may later post it on our apparently oh-so-controversial Gawker Stalker Map.

  • Please include date and time information in addition to the location of your celebrity sighting, if you're not too drunk to remember.
  • Our map doesn't go to Brooklyn, so Adrien Grenier's Fort Greene adventures will continue to go tragically overlooked.
  • Our map doesn't include the subway, either, so Adrien Grenier's G train adventures will also continue to go tragically overlooked.
  • We still don't post sightings of reality show stars, except sometimes when we have a particular weakness for an individual (ex: Laura Bennett. Okay and Heidi Montag. Heh.)
  • Also, no, we still aren't interested in Ethan Hawke.
  • Although Mike Myers is fair game now, for some reason. As is Chris Noth!
  • Vis a vis David Cross sightings, seriously: Would you send us an email if you were in the East Village and you looked up and saw a sign that said "First Avenue?" Probably not, right?
  • Do not molest your local celebrity. Unless they seem like they're totally going to put out. In which case, do let us know how that went!
  • Thank you for your kind assistance, and we thank you for doing the Lord's work.