This morning's eagerly anticipated episode of "The View" featured Alec Baldwin, who showed up in vague-contrition mode. While kind of sorry about the things he said to his daughter's cell phone, Baldwin mostly used the appearance to launch into the world's longest lecture on parental alienation and the intricacies of the legal system as pertains custodial rights. It's a good PR plan: Bore people into forgetting what you did in the first place. Anyway, as the above clip shows, Baldwin is about forgiveness. Specifically, he forgives the people who left mean comments on his website. ("," he helpfully reminds.) Important takeaway: Sure, he might have yelled at his daughter to watch out for a car or come out of the ocean, but he has never yelled at her like he did on the phone before. Which is probably why that infamous voicemail message started with "Once again..." Also, Kim Basinger sounds like a pain in the ass.