• Employees Only, that kind of annoying bar/restaurant, is opening up another branch at 21 West 9th Street. Co-owner Jason Kosmas tells Cutlets: "It's going to be much more of a restaurant than a bar. Think of the difference between Lucky Strike and Balthazar." Oh, we do.
  • Speaking of which, Lucky Strike has a new chef, Wen Chen. To celebrate from May 6-May 10th, there's a prix fixe ($17 lunch, $25 dinner) and a ridiculous promotion.
  • During its five day long introduction to Chef Chen, Lucky Strike will be having a lottery. How it Works:
    1. Ask for your check.
    2. Server comes over with a champagne bucket filled with numbers.
    3. Look down to see what your table number is.
    4. Pick a number out of the bucket and PRAY.
    If the number you pick matches your table number. . . your entire table's meal is complimentary.

  • Just wait until the ACLU hears of this.
  • Is Almondine's baker Herve Poussot a dickhead or a racist? Are they mutually exclusive? [Brooklyn Paper]
  • Eater unveils anti-punctuation Deathwatch policy. Bad news for Fr.Og.
  • Bravo has taken to Craigslist in its quest for sous-chefs for a new show called Chopped. Paging the next Ilan Hall! [VV]