James Brady takes a look at mags for teen girls and discovers that, in the post-Atoosa era, they're all going for a less racy presentation. We're not particularly interested one way or other (the sooner tweens learn the "17 Fastest Ways To Get Him Off," the sooner they'll be prepared for middle school), but the column itself is another Brady tour de force. While the namedrops aren't as plentiful as usual, the man can set a scene: "What's the formula? I asked founding Teen Vogue publisher Gina Sanders over lunch at La Grenouille, the day before she and her family took off for a Jamaica holiday." But do we get one of those senility moments that is the hallmark of a Brady puffer?

Is squeaky-clean what kids want? Maybe they do. Teen Vogue's circulation figures seem to say so. As do their ad sales. I'm anxiously awaiting my granddaughter's definitive take. So far, she thinks Sanders' magazine is "cool." And when I interviewed 16-year-old actress Emma Roberts, Julia Roberts' niece, who's on the cover of Teen Vogue and plays the title role in a new flick, Nancy Drew, young Emma said the mag is her fave.

Yes. Yes we do.

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