Shame on you, Mediaweek, for your indelicate and heavy-handed report on the success of Jane magazine's Breast Health Guide issue both in print and online. Did you really have to use so many played-out mammary puns? From the headline—"Jane's Boob Job Pumps Subs Online"—to the first paragraph— "Condé Nast's Jane is filling out its sub file with support from a spread on breasts in the May issue"—seriously, it's just so crass. "Online subs swelled"? Frankly, we're offended. Offended and titillated! Heh, we said 'tits,' sorta. Oh no, and now the floodgates are open and it's like our typing fingers are being controlled by the ghost of Russ Meyer! Swollen subs! Rock-hard nipples! Boobies! Jugs! Knockers! Hooters! MILKY FUNBAGS! OVERBLOWN TEATS SQUIRTING MILK INTO OUR GAPING MAWS!

Jane's Boob Job Pumps Subs Online [MW]