Halberstam Inside The Doonesbury

  • David Halberstam's Doonesbury appearance: He kissed Woodward and Bernstein's Guccis. [Slate]
  • The New York Times is all up on fixed gear bicycles. [Complex]
  • Harlem branch of Citarella begins accepting food stamps "to accommodate the vastness of the neighborhood" and the fact that it's across the street from a project. Fun with gentrification! [NYM]
  • The new owner of the Times Building, Lev Leviev, is the definition of a sketchy businessman. [Room Eight]
  • What it sounds like when a server drops bread at French Laundry: "The sound that poor young man made when that toasted piece of heaven hit the immaculate carpet was akin to the soft keening sigh one might make upon discovering that one's pet Siamese had passed from this earthly realm to the next." [gentlemen who dine]