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The testimony in the Phil Spector case took an unforeseen hiatus today, as defense attorney Bruce "Murder on Their Minds" Cutler has fallen ill. (In other news, high stress and hopelessness have been proven to wreak havoc on the immune system.) While we wait for the next disturbing chapter to play out on the witness stand, Radar Online provides a handy chronological compendium of half a century's worth of Phil Spector's patented brand of violent, gun-brandishing batshit insanity. It makes for stunning reading, beginning with a possibly formative 1958 incident in which the producer was urinated on by four pranksters in a public restroom, continuing to his days of fatherhood in the 1970s, when he'd allegedly lock his sons in their rooms, occasionally allowing them out so he could blindfold them and subject them to humiliating sex acts. Here's an entry about former wife Ronnie Spector née Bennett, the lead singer of The Ronettes:

1968 - Mrs. Spector later describes having been a virtual prisoner in the producer's mansion, around which he is said to have built walls in order to keep his significant other significantly trapped. He is also purported to lead his mother-in-law to his basement where he keeps a glass coffin, telling her that if his wife ever leaves him he will kill her and exhibit her corpse there á la Snow White.

Beyond the death threats, Spector also makes sure his bride is never free of his influence. Apparently, he insists that she place a life-sized inflatable dummy replica of himself in the passenger seat of her car when she leaves the house. He has allegedly planned it out right down to the cigarette he places in its mouth and the angle of the hat. Spector's goal is to prevent other men from picking up on her.

Spector certainly displayed a creative flair with his misogyny. Any pedestrian wife-beater can dig a ditch in the basement and threaten to put his spouse in it, but it takes a real Prince Harming to keep a glass casket on hand for display purposes, to say nothing of the lifelike scarehusband he insisted ride shotgun with her to ward off any suitors idling nearby.