The new Fortune profile of bald, internet-loving NBC chief Jeff Zucker doesn't bring anything to the table in terms of information—Some people think Jeff Zucker is an asshole! NBC is in a lot of trouble! Somehow Zucker still has a job! "Joey" really sucked!—but is of some interest because of its premise. You see, Zucker is a lot like Jack Donaghy, the fictional beleaguered NBC exec on the actual semi-popular NBC sitcom "30 Rock." Donaghy is played by Alec Baldwin, whose recent telecommunications issues have made him oh-so-ubiquitous in the media lately. Fortune did a photoshoot and a "humorous" interview with the pair, which it subsequently decided "amidst the subsequent Baldwin controversy, not to use in the magazine." Because controversy is really best just ignored when trying to sell magazines. At least they ran 'em online—our personal favorite is the image to the right. Oh gosh, jeez, good golly, one can only imagine what Baldwin's saying into the "phone"!

Life imitates TV
Alec Baldwin and Jeff Zucker talk TV [Fortune]