Apparently we ruffled some crafty feathers when we said that Martha Stewart was going to "take another white trash hobby upscale" by staking out her corner of the billion-dollar scrapbooking industry, as per the WSJ. "I have been in the Scrapbook business for six years, and never have I read any article as insulting as yours! I can assure you the hobby of scrapbooking is anything but what a bigot would refer to as white trash!," writes Pat Schiffer, who is the President of Small Town Memories, Inc. (Google is no help!) "In case you are just another reporter who has not done the proper investigative work prior to writing such garbage, I believe you owe myself and the many others who were offended an apology. I'd suggest you pick up a book or magazine on scrapbooking and see the artistic level this so-called white trash hobby has reached." Sorry, Pat! Next time we will consult Scrapbooks Etc. magazine before rushing to unfair generalizations. We also heard from a scrapper named Joanne, who's more upset at Martha Stewart than she is at us or at WSJ writer Brooks Barnes.

Scrapbookers are very upset with some I am sure your aware of. Retail favorite stores where put down. Someone at MS camp should have there head hanging out on a pole! Most scrappers don't care for Micheal's. We all have had bad experience in these chain stores. Personnally, I don't care if they gave it away!! And I live in Upper State NY (rural). If they wanted to make a go at this...they need something that no one else has! And Martha should "hit the East Coast"!! Why?? UTAH is the capital of Scrapbooking. But it takes yrs. if at all for any of the Eastern chain stores to carry...if at all. Creative Keepsake Co. is on the west coast. We need a Eastern Co. Or a Eastern Retreat for scrappers. MS would be GREAT at that! If I where working as a P.R. 's I would do also non-profit fund raising ...since most are parents, grandparents. Her P.R. has been tarnished. I think she should of hired a few scrappers who either make a living doing so. You know? I just don't believe she has been lead to a true path!

What were we saying? Oh, right: scrapbookers aren't white trash! At all. Sorry!

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