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NBC Universal reportedly paid $1 million for exclusive access to Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkead, a deal that is now culminating in her Journey to America, as well as an honorary godfather title and round-the-clock blankey duty for Access Hollywood reporter Tony Potts:

[UPDATED: 1:38 PM] LOUISVILLE, Kentucky (May 1, 2007) — Dannielynn Birkhead has touched down in her dad's hometown for the very first time. The plane carrying the daughter of photographer Larry Birkhead and the late model Anna Nicole Smith just landed in Louisville, Kentucky. [...]

On the plane with Birkhead, Access Hollywood's own Tony Potts confirmed the child had a pleasant flight. "She ate, slept, played and ate again," he recounted. "She barely even fussed." [...]

"Blue grass, here we come," Potts reported, adding, "Dannielynn is sleepy now."

Thanks for the updates, Uncle Tony! With Dannielynn safe and sound on domestic soil, and her U.S. passport issued, it seems nothing at all can stop proud papa Larry, his bundle of naturalized joy, and their entourage of cameramen and creepily intrusive showbiz TV reporters from achieving their dreams—except perhaps Grammie Virgie "Slugger" Arthur, whose petition-filing parade we imagine is approaching the vicinity of Louisville.