Pete Wentz: Fall Out Boy. Bar impresario. And now, memoirist! We hear that Wentz is shopping a follow-up to his self-published 2005 debut, The Boy with the Thorn in His Side. While that book was an illustrated compendium of the Ashlee Simpson-dating bassist's nightmares, the new work is a more straightforward autobio from the "logorrheic diarist." In it, according to someone we found who's read it, Wentz "talks about exes, but doesn't name anyone—instead annoyingly refers to them as 'her,' 'she' or 'her.' He does talk about his overdose a bit. He's death-obsessed and also sex-obsessed. Needless to say, most of all, he is self-obsessed. It's among the most self-indulgent whiny trying to be smart and artsy high school creative writing class crap I've ever read." We're reserving judgment til we get a chance to read it ourselves, so PLEASE GIVE IT HERE.

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