Last night, New York magazine scored a terrifying and decisive sweep at the ASME mag awards. (Much more on this soon!) Apparently none can resist New York's glossy to the point of chapsticky take on New York. And who can resist its popular Look Book feature? It's a window into the kind of New York we all not-so-secretly crave, a world of aspiration and consumption and youth. Now, if you walk down any actual block in this town, you're aware that there's a whole other New York, a place whose less fortunate inhabitants rarely find themselves inside the glossy pages of Adam Moss' chronicle of the beau monde. Don't these people also deserve to show off their style? So in honor of the Adam Mossbot and his many awards, here's our take on the Look Book; a chronicle of the real New York. Justin Rocket Silverman and Richard Blakeley are your interlocutors.