So far this week, our ongoing process of "efficiency management" of commenters (our most precious natural resource! No, really!) hasn't been easy. But the great thing about Gawker commenters is that there are always at least five of you who are begging for a little downsizing. (Much like some people who work here!) Let's put our fake sad faces on and say goodbye to the week's "voluntarily" departed.

Made Redundant: Scott Kidder
Crime: Scott, just yell it across the office next time, okay? Since you work at Gawker and all?
[Edit: Hee hee hee, ho ho ho Balk. Consider your commenter username executed! -Scott]

Made Redundant: Dick_Armitage
Crime: Missing the point.

Made Redundant: Awesomist V
Crime: We just like doing this every week.

Made Redundant: Stinkypoo
Crime: Disrespecting New York.

Made Redundant: Duncan C
Crime: Demanding consistency of us. That will never happen!

Redundancies are just that: An HR-approved way to get rid of you while deflecting all blame and making you feel doubly victimized. It's not you—it's just that we don't need you any more. Y'all may check the Gawker Comments FAQ. It is also true that banned commenters may return through our invitation. The best way to receive such is to send us cookies (peanut butter, please, and not personalized) or charming and juicy gossip-filled emails.