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If the number of full-page Variety and Hollywood Reporter suck-up ads purchased in one's honor on the day he receives Walk of Fame immortality is a reliable metric of an individual's popularity in the industry, then we could quickly conclude from a quick survey of recent star-on-a-dirty-sidewalk honorees that everyone in Hollywood is trying to get into Halle Berry's pants (in fairness, she did pretty much invite the whole town to get all up inside her), while no one but Warner Bros. would much mind if erstwhile hairstylist and Superman Returns producer Jon Peters decided to give up the moviemaking business and open a salon in Beverly Hills. Today's Page Six reports:

MOVIE people are laughing over the cover of yesterday's Hollywood Reporter with a bleached-blond Jon Peters on the cover. Peters - the hairdresser who parlayed an affair with Barbra Streisand into a career producing such movies as "A Star Is Born," "Caddyshack," "Rain Man" and "Superman Returns" - was featured in the trade journal because he's getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Friends and business associates were asked to advertise in the paper, but did not. Streisand was conspicuously absent from its pages, as were Peter Guber, Mark Canton, Stacey Snider and Ron Meyer. "All he got besides Terry Semel and Warner Bros. was his business manager, his stockbroker and an architectural firm," said one Left Coast insider. At least Peters can enjoy his 3,000-acre Arabian horse ranch.

Above is the lone Variety ad from yesterday (we don't have a copy of the THR handy) recognizing Peters' Walk of Fame induction; even when it seems his supposed industry pals have abandoned him, he can at least take solace in the fact that his Superman partners cared enough to have an intern whip up that "Thanks for a Super time!" sentiment, sparing him the embarrassment of a Var shutout on his special day.

[Image: Digital Variety]