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This week's Time features the fourth annual installment of THE TIME 100: The Most Influential People In The World! It's a pretty thick issue, which is all the more remarkable given the crappy paper stock the magazine uses. Anyway, who are the folks Time's editors think are "transforming our world"? Well, Justin Timberlake makes the cut, as do Angelina Jolie (as an activist, not an entertainer), Kate Moss, and the chick from "Ugly Betty." Time M.E. Rick Stengel reminds us that "the real magic of the Time 100 is in the pairings. We match author to subject so the former can offer special insight on the latter." There's certainly special insight in Donald Trump's appreciation of subway hero Wesley Autrey.

Donald Trump wants you to know Autrey was given $10,000 by Donald Trump personally. (Donald Trump also reminds you that he has "a great respect for construction workers." Nice guy, that Donald Trump.)

Still, the Barbara Walters profile of "View" co-host Rosie O'Donnell taught us so much about that relationship: the "passion and compassion," the "feuds and the fearlessness." It was "a plunge on the roller coaster" for Walters, but the two remain "respectful and affectionate friends." Wow. Glad that all got sorted out. Really it's just so nice to hear the inside story.

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