With Equinox, Fantasy World, Day-O and mxyplyzyk all crammed close, Greenwich Avenue perhaps embodies all that is blandly, cleanly gay of the West Village. It's a thoroughfare for harmless homos into fitness and quirky interior design. And just when you thought it couldn't have gotten anymore safely gay, Jonathan Adler went and opened a new store there.

Adler is the Robert Gould Shaw of a certain banal slice of a certain slice of Gaymerica: He sells to the worked-out, shaved-chest fruity kind whose apartments are decorated with throw pillows and bright colors and who are constantly making meta-jokes about how gay they are and talk about getting "margies" at 7 and how cool that is. And as Real Deal reports today, as boutiques become priced out of Bleecker Street addresses, more and more of them are settling on Greenwich Avenue where landlords—sensing the impending rush—haven't been renewing leases.

So antique store Olde Good Things and other smaller boutiques are out, while Adler and his vision of a gay cheery utopia is in. And it'll only get more swish. "Richard Grossman, director of downtown sales at Halstead and a West Village resident, said, 'If Jonathan Adler moved there, other people are due to follow.'" And by people, you know what he means. —Josh

Green-eyed Real Estate on Greenwich Avenue [Real Deal]