With earlier summer offerings like Live Free or Die Hard dominating all the online buzz with their flashy teasers and fancy-pants holiday release dates, moviegoers might overlook other, less competently directed sequels scheduled for later in the season, which could easily offer just as many unnecessarily crashed cars and eye-popping, shit-blowing-up set pieces for your box office dollar. So let's not forget about Brett Ratner's Rush Hour 3, whose newly released extended trailer reveals some cinematic delights sure to be absent from Bruce Willis' overhyped comeback vehicle, like body-cavity search jokes (the snapping of a rubber glove has been proven to induce a Pavlovian sphincter-tightening response in audiences), Chris Tucker shrieking at a number of Asian individuals he still has trouble understanding, and, perhaps most thrillingly, a painting of a French nobleman (Napoleon? The subtle gag flashes by so quickly!) being struck in the genitals with a hurled knife. Mark your calendars for August 10th!