Remember that weird store under construction for a while on St. Mark's that, we really wanted to believe, would only sell over-sized papier maché dog sculptures? Remember that sense of wonder and hope we had that perhaps, just perhaps, St. Mark's would pull itself out of its debased noodle shop and belly-button piercing morass and into the realm of Koonsian grandeur? Well, catch those hopes in butterfly nets and stow them in Bell jars for a rainy day.

The place, as Eat for Victory reports, is going to be another fucking hot dog stand. The puppy we thought might fetch a hefty bid from a forward-looking art collector is now perched on the awning, hawking $2.50 dawgz. The whole thing seems like a sordid metaphor. Maybe about the state of art, or the state of downtown, or, because it's Friday and we're out of things that it could be a metaphor for, the 2008 Presidential race. Like the store, we're currently open for suggestions. —Josh

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