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CONFONZ — Yes, cheezburgers have taken over the IntarWeb. Who are we to go against the grain? Bitching and moaning won't help. The Conference Fonzerelli is still here, though his reign of terror is coming to a rapid end. With the weekend, and the Sea Siren parade coming up, the Fonz needs to trade in his leather jacket for a Spongebob-colored cardboard box. In an effort to get him out the door faster, he's wrapped up a nicely flavored selection of little dots for your mastication. After the jump, the Reiser alibi gets stronger, Semel on a Cruise, the Ballminator gets with L. Ron, and did the WSJ change its story?

  • Checking in with everyone's favorite accused killer that's contributed to the Linux kernel: Mr. Reiser's alibi got a lot better, as his dead wife's ex-lover confessed to killing 8 people. Fire up your Google and plug in Sean Sturgeon. Who knows, he may be the guy who wrote to the SEC like a forth grader. back story in a /. comment.
  • Why is Terry Semel commenting on Tom Cruise's relationship?
  • Speaking of comments, check out this doozie on the Wall Street Journal's Deal Journal blog. A fellow by the name of Thomas accuses the blog of fumbling the Microhoo! football. Far be it from the Fonz to criticize bad journalism, but pointing and staring is allowed. Is Thomas a crackpot?
  • And speaking of Microhoo! we have a very serious question to ask you, our beloved and sweet smelling readers: Will Steve Ballmer convert to Scientology? Our money is on "Yes!"